Glass pool fencing Sydney – A Closer Look

Remember the days when every house had shower curtains? It’s no longer the case. Those who had one, promptly replace a shower curtain with a glass shower enclosure. Why? It looks better and it adds value to the house. It’s the same with glass pool fencing. Since the introduction of compulsory pool barriers to prevent and minimize child pool drowning a few years ago, swimming pool owners went ahead and installed “normal”, steel tubular fence, putting their pool behind steel bars. Such fence provided security, but it spoilt the beauty of the backyard, making it look so much smaller. A normal, steel fence divides the backyard in half. With ever decreasing property sizes, this creates a big problem, making the pool area look much smaller than it actually is.

Glass pool fencing provides a great alternative to steel tubular pool fencing. Having a glass fence in front of the pool makes the backyard look larger and it adds a lot of style to the whole of pool area. And, it looks so much better than the usual steel fence! Liberate your swimming pool, liberate your backyard. Install a glass fence and see how much difference it will make to your property.Click this link here now:Sydney glass pool fencing.

There are specific requirements for glass pool fencing. The glass must comply with Australian Standard AS2208 – Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings and the pool fence and pool gates must comply with Australian Standard AS1926 – Swimming Pool Safety. In addition to these, there many additional peculiarities imposed by local councils. It is suggested to give them a call before hiring a fencing contractor. Because of these strict regulations, the glass fencing materials are very strong and safe. If you have a pool or thinking about getting one – think about a glass fence. It looks great and it adds style and value to your property.