Personal Injury Solicitor: Questions To Be Asked

There are many circumstances in which you will require the services of a personal injury solicitor and it can be difficult to know which one is the right one for you. Our list of questions can help you deduce whether or not a solicitor is capable of representing you and your case.

1.Do you have experience?

It is important when choosing a personal injury solicitor that they are knowledgeable and extremely comfortable with your specific type of case. If they have the experience they will be able to quickly identify the approach and evidence required to make your claim a success. Dome firms do not offer specialised legal representation which could mean you will not benefit from the expertise an experienced solicitor can provide.

2.Do you provide free advice?

We provide a free initial assessment of your claim during which you can find out whether your claim is likely to be successful or not. This meeting can also help to establish how much your claim is worth.

3.How much will it cost?

You need to know up front how much your solicitor will charge. You should also be made aware of the various forms of funding available to you. When you instruct one of our solicitors to manage your case, you can make a No Win, No Fee claim, meaning you won’t have to pay a penny. Our website provides info about  personal injury solicitors or lawyers

4. Will I have the same solicitor throughout my claim?

We like to establish a relationship with each of our clients and understand that you may be more comfortable with the same solicitor throughout the process. It is important for continuity that one, dedicated solicitor handles your claim so information will not need to be re-visited and reviewed by several different legal professionals.

5 .Will I be able to get hold of my solicitor when I need to?

We pride ourselves on always keeping in contact with each of our clients throughout the duration of their claim. Your solicitor will be happy to meet face-to-face and to also answer any questions you may have over the phone.

6. If I can’t come to you, how will you represent me?

It is usual that many clients are unable to make it into our offices, which is why we are perfectly happy to visit you at home or in hospital anywhere in the UK.

7. How much can I claim?

Each case is different and will need to be assessed on an individual basis, but we can give you an idea of how much compensation your claim is worth after an initial assessment.

8. What are the possible outcomes of my case?

Before employing a solicitor, you should ascertain all possible outcomes of your case should you choose to proceed. Our solicitors will always be honest and will be able to tell you if your case will be successful or not. We can also provide information about how much compensation you may be awarded.

9.How long will my case take?

Again,  as each case is different, it can be difficult to give a precise time period, but we aim to secure the maximum amount of compensation in the minimum amount of time. I many cases, your claim can be settled out of court, meaning you will not face a lengthy process.

10.Can I avoid going to court?

We can help speed up the process by liaising with insurers and individuals to discuss out of court settlements.